Hip Resurfacing


An Effective Alternative To Hip Replacement

Hip Resurfacing is an attractive procedure because it preserves rather than removes the femoral head and neck. Unlike traditional hip replacement, Hip Joint Resurfacing does not remove the “ball” of the hip. Instead, Hip Resurfacing sculpts existing bone and restores the surface of the hip. The Synovo Preserve orthopedic implants are made from ultra durable Cross-Linked Polyethylene. With a more natural arthroplasty your hip feels normal and has a greater range of motion.

The Power of Preservation

Because the hip resurfacing keeps the femoral head intact, patients typically experience an earlier return of physical function, less pain, and reduced blood loss. There are also fewer complications such as dislocation. If infection occurs it is more easily treated because of the smaller amount of implanted material. Patients also have the option to undergo a hip replacement in the future should that procedure be deemed necessary.

Other benefits of hip resurfacing compared to traditional total hip replacement include:

  • A more natural fit of the joint components
  • Reduced risk of dislocation due to a more natural size implant
  • Greater range of motion, stability, and strength
  • More natural walking pattern
  • Quicker return to an active lifestyle
  • A more natural feel to your hip

To ensure a proper post surgery recovery, you will typically stay at the hospital just overnight but some patients have gone home the same day. You are able to start putting weight on their leg right away, but will often require the assistance of crutches or a cane for a week or so as you regain you balance.